January 30, 2010

Laziness='Coolness' ??

The most common aspects I've come across in almost every interesting blog I ventured into are laziness and procrastination.Somehow,shamelessly I feel happy for the fact that I'm no different.Thus,there are people far away with whom I can relate to.It's like a satisfaction which serves no purpose,really.

Out of all this I've come to this bitter conclusion that laziness is like the 'in thing'.It's like a fashion statement."I'm lazy and I'm proud to be one" is like a macho thing to say now-a-days.As i say again I'm no different.I belong to the same category and it's not a nice feeling.I have made this observation that we lazy people have this notion that we belong to the interesting breed,whereas the general assumption of the 'others' are that we're plain boring.

The inability to overcome laziness is profound.Activities are like forever forsaken.Laziness gets a strong grip over you even before you realise it. It's like a disease,which most of us enjoy being a victim of.
The only positive for me to come out of laziness is that it unknowingly prompted me to resort to blogging which in turn gives me an opportunity to know more about myself and it also gives me the space to rant out my opinions.

P.S-hate to use the word coooool but exceptions can be made.


  1. u r so bang on u know. Of late I had gone to this camp, where in people in a group were asked to introduce themselves, with an adjective as a prefix to their names. And the adjective lazy - the only one to be repeated - got repeated not once but 4 times! And the people saying it were all non-chalant, sayin it with that distinct 'coolth' u r talkin about. To tell u the truth I AM lazy and u know wot..I hate it!!It's a big hindrance, I have started to hate all the procrastination I keep doing coz it really puts ur life on this slowww ho-hum track, and there is no outcome..i am desparately trying to break form these laziness shackles and have been succesful to quite an extent..boy my comments turned into some post :p basically its one life u get..make most of it..doing nothing is also important..but after some point u wil get bored of being lazy too :p

  2. ok i read my comment..wat the heck..being lazy is so much funnn!

  3. @Satanic Angel

    Exactly.it's an hindrance at the same time its fun too.Making excuses is such an essential part in a lazy man's world.