February 16, 2011


This ain't no post about the gap between the rich and the poor or a man and a woman.It's just the differences we or I see in people when it comes to movies,music and fashion.

-'I have seen better movies than you have'
We've all been there or will be there.The sooner we realise that we're a part of this bandwagon the better it is,because you will at some point or the other come across people who'll give the impression of the aforementioned phrase and at that very moment you might feel content that you have 'grown up' and passed this pompous phase.
-'No matter what,I'm going to hate this film'
People from this group assume themselves to be cool and different.Generally they'll hate the movie which is liked by many.A hate signal is already lodged in their mind even before watching the film.And thereby feel superior in their own little space of coolth and vanity.
-'We hate Bollywood because we've been seduced by Hollywood'
Now,this is another cool group.The flag bearers of this group believe that Hollywood is the ultimate brand of world class cinema.Agreed that some of the Hindi films have been a blatant rip-off of Hollywood,including the name itself.And how amazingly they try to cover it by using the word 'inspired'.In spite of this Bollywood holds originality in the form of being OTT,unrealistic fairytale cinema.So does Hollywood,but the difference is that they do it in a more discreet and zany manner(Oh!As if nobody knew).Not always,though.There are some Bollywood classics that surely is worth watching(here I show shades of the first group I pointed out)with of course a lot of patience and an unbiased mind-frame.
-'Movies for the masses and some for the classes'
Here lies the real difference.Difference in taste,choice and perhaps in appearance.Sooner or later this gap might be abridged.

All of the points I mentioned in the movies category will also hold true over here IMO,though I will add in a few more points.
-'You have to listen to this song,anyhow.It's the best thing you will ever hear.I bet .I swear.Blah blah'
There is a subtle difference between recommending and imposing your likeness for a particular song or music on some one else.There will be high chances that you will not get a favourable review,unless the opposite person believes in your choice and taste and of course when not being prejudiced.
-'In our times good music were made,not anymore.'
Uncles and aunties who come up with this ever expected sentence normally rile you up,since they believe that we the present don't bother or respect music from their era.This is not true because a classic in its true sense will always remain a classic.They are oblivious of this fact that we most of us do appreciate good music,be it old or new.Ironically even our generation thinks that music from the bygone era were much better in comparison to the current ones,which is mostly plagiarised or westernized.Completely agreed.Times have changed.Not for good,I believe,mainly for the music industry.Now,here the Justin Bieber reference seems imminent.But I'll try to refrain from it since it has been so done to death.But still if a person in her/his early twenties or more comes up to me and proclaims that Justin Bieber's a music prodigy then I'd seriously wish that this world would come to an end even before it reaches 2012.

This is a subject which I have zero knowledge about.Give me a T-shaart,a jeans and a common footwear,it will work for me.I better not get a pink t-shirt which is so amazingly repulsive.A guy wearing a pink shirt is termed to be gay,naturally.But when Hrithik Roshan wears a tight pink shirt with its top two buttons undone,he then is considered to be a uber cool metrosexual stud.Yeah right.

February 7, 2011

Porno Conversation Part-2.

WARNING-This part is even more 'dirtier' than the previous one.Highly deplorable words have been used at will.It's distastefully written filled with cheap humour.So,read at your own peril.And still if you have the balls and indecency to read it,then I shall say sorry well in advance.

Exactly after a year and 10 days later,A and B decide to meet again to give their dream another shot.

One not so breezy evening.
Location-At some bar in Bandra.

A:We got to implant some ideas into our head man,soon,to give our
dream a lift.
B:But my brain isn't ejaculating any ideas anymore.
A:Wait.I've got an idea.Lets make it like a typical Karan Johar
movie.Two would be lovers meet,fight,become friends and then finally
fall in love.But for a change the movie will culminate into a love making
scene with full aesthetics.Unison of two hearts
B:Yeah.Cuming together of two hearts.We'll name the movie Dil-do(two)
A:Awesome !

After 45 minutes of heavy drinking.
A notices something.
A:That looks nice...that,your 'finger-ring'
B:Oh,I forgot to tell you.That's my engagement ring.I got engaged.
B:She's lovely,and I'm glad to be an important part of her life now.
B:Important.You misheard me.

After another 10 minutes of heavy drinking
A:Dude sometime back I checked out this amazing chick in N.A.And
a certain part of her body was...shiny
B:She must be a red head.
A:Nah.she was bald.

A woman approaches their table.
Woman:Hello guys(in her deep-throat voice)
Woman:Can I join you two?
A:Surely.We'd lust to have your company.
Woman:By the way,I'm new to this city.I come from Bangalore,the Silicon Valley.
A:Would you like to eat something.Help yourself,have these spring rolls
Woman:No.Thank you.I'm stuffed.
A:Okay.don't eat then...just swallow.