December 29, 2009

3 Idiots

This movie did live up to my expectation and hype but only till intermission.Henceforth,it turned out to be very tedious and bit boring.Unnecessarily went dramatic to cater the mass audiences liking.

Aamir is the preachy,'kewl',inquisitive,smart 'idiot' who is against the conventional education system.Believes more in practical knowledge and ever willing to give gyaan to the other two 'idiots',Sharman and Madhavan.The former being a God-fearing,family in financial crisis student whereas the latter one is a wild life photography enthusiast.

Not much indulgence or screen time is given to Kareena-Aamir love angle,which turned out to be a plus point considering the 3 hour length movie.Though zoobie-doobie song is an exception.Nonetheless it's the usual guy impresses girl with his antics,charm and extra philosophy.

All is well is a catchy number.Turns out that this phrase idiotically transforms into a life saver of an infant in the end.Rest of the songs are okay.

December 20, 2009

Marine Drive

This place never fails to amaze me.The gigantic Arabian Sea has enough space to suck in EVERYBODY's sorrow.

November 24, 2009

Taxi Driver

I read somewhere that this movie makes you hate life.It really does,at least for a brief period of time.The character of Taxi Driver aka Travis Bickle is played by Robert DeNiro.DeNiro successfully manages to play this deranged role to the hilt.Altogether Travis's story is dark,hard-hitting and tragic.I believe there is at least a little part of Travis inside everyone of us.

The standout moment of the movie is the obvious legendary 'You talkin to me'scene.But another scene which got my equal attention was the engaging conversation between 'Wizard' and Travis.Travis says he wants to do something meaningful in life.Wizard reciprocates by saying,"Don't worry so much.Go get laid somewhere".Both make valid points,but for I can't decide of whose suggestion holds more value.

Jodie Foster plays a believable 12 and a half year old prostitute whom Travis wants to protect.And then there's Betsy whom Travis finds to be 'pure' and an angel out this scum(junkies,pimps etc.)he assumes.Harvey Keitel as a small role of a pimp.18 years later he would impress the cinema world again with his slick portrayal as Mr.Wolf in Pulp Fiction.

This movie has the power to influence.No wonder this John Jr.(a nobody)who tried to assassinate Ronald Reagan went even more crazy after watching this movie for a 'reasonable' 15 number of times.

October 11, 2009


Assembly elections is just a few days away,on 13th to be precise.I feel a bit ashamed to say that I've still not applied for my voting ID,thanks to laziness,procrastination and many other similar terms to go along with it.It's that time when Bollywood actors will pop in your TV screen and will advice you to vote(which is a good thing),and say that every single vote counts.Though we'll stay in denial and say,what?my vote will hardly matter.Whereas some of us will remain uneducated about the elctions as in who is going to contest and what their agenda is or going to be.The complicated nature of Indian elections adds to the further lack of participation.

October 7, 2009

Dahmer,the movie.

Just a few days back I saw this movie Dahmer(2002).The movie is based on the life and crimes of the infamous American cannibalistic serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer.This movie as expected turned out be very ordinary like many other serial killer flicks.The only good thing about the movie was its ending,which showcased the killer of choosing the wrong path by going ahead with his fantasy world and urges.All the fantasies in his head in the woods followed by an amazing song(Blue Theme by Mariana something) to go along with the ending rolling credits.The filmmaker concentrates more on Dahmer's psychological views than on depiction of gore and takes the compassionate route and is quite successful in it as in the viewer may feel sympathy for the protagonist.

Talking about Jeffrey,one of the most twisted serial killers of all time if not the most twisted,is the only killer whom you might feel pity for...just the way he carried himself and was courageous enough to take the entire blame on himself rather than putting it on parents,childhood,pornography etc.,and also helped the authorities in identifying the mutilated victims.Some of his quotes like 'It's been ages since I've cried' or 'I should have gone to college and got myself an aquarium,that's what i should have done.' shows that Jeffrey tried to feel guilt but was not able to since that emotion was completely absent in him since birth,perhaps.But at the end of the day he was an evil man with evil desires.A psycho.

I'm in no way justifying his acts.Society needs to be protected from such people and the only way to do that is by exterminating them as they cannot be reformed.No one deserves death but it becomes necessary in order to avoid death of innocent people.

Looking forward to see Silence of the Lambs.