December 29, 2009

3 Idiots

This movie did live up to my expectation and hype but only till intermission.Henceforth,it turned out to be very tedious and bit boring.Unnecessarily went dramatic to cater the mass audiences liking.

Aamir is the preachy,'kewl',inquisitive,smart 'idiot' who is against the conventional education system.Believes more in practical knowledge and ever willing to give gyaan to the other two 'idiots',Sharman and Madhavan.The former being a God-fearing,family in financial crisis student whereas the latter one is a wild life photography enthusiast.

Not much indulgence or screen time is given to Kareena-Aamir love angle,which turned out to be a plus point considering the 3 hour length movie.Though zoobie-doobie song is an exception.Nonetheless it's the usual guy impresses girl with his antics,charm and extra philosophy.

All is well is a catchy number.Turns out that this phrase idiotically transforms into a life saver of an infant in the end.Rest of the songs are okay.

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