January 30, 2010

Laziness='Coolness' ??

The most common aspects I've come across in almost every interesting blog I ventured into are laziness and procrastination.Somehow,shamelessly I feel happy for the fact that I'm no different.Thus,there are people far away with whom I can relate to.It's like a satisfaction which serves no purpose,really.

Out of all this I've come to this bitter conclusion that laziness is like the 'in thing'.It's like a fashion statement."I'm lazy and I'm proud to be one" is like a macho thing to say now-a-days.As i say again I'm no different.I belong to the same category and it's not a nice feeling.I have made this observation that we lazy people have this notion that we belong to the interesting breed,whereas the general assumption of the 'others' are that we're plain boring.

The inability to overcome laziness is profound.Activities are like forever forsaken.Laziness gets a strong grip over you even before you realise it. It's like a disease,which most of us enjoy being a victim of.
The only positive for me to come out of laziness is that it unknowingly prompted me to resort to blogging which in turn gives me an opportunity to know more about myself and it also gives me the space to rant out my opinions.

P.S-hate to use the word coooool but exceptions can be made.

January 27, 2010

Porno Conversation

WARNING-This post has been published with the sole intention to turn you off(literally or metaphorically).People who think otherwise need not read further.

Here is a short tale about A and B,both someday dream to become tycoons of a porn empire through joint venture.Their journey from being mere explorers of porn to now wanting to erect(no pun intended)a porn industry is unknown.

One breezy evening.
Location-Outside a tea stall near Chinchpokli station.

A:Lets get straight to the point,about our dream.
B:Yeah it's time to get serious.But there's one roadblock.
B:There's no scope for porn business in India.
A:Haven't you heard of revolution.Don't worry.We'll make it big.We'll make this world a better place.Just that it should not turn out be a non-profit organisation,like an NGO for all the perverts around.
B:Look who is talking.
A:Huh?Anyways we require a lot of capital to start this project.
B:Who in his/her right mind will be ready to invest in our project.
A:We'll have to burn our own pockets then.What about actors?who will be ready to 'perform' in our movies.
B:We'll rope in Rakhi Sawant and KRK.
A:What?You're sick.
B:I'm not sick it's the world which is sick.
A:You're not a part of this world?You an alien?
B:*speechless* *curses self for losing spontaneity*.Lets not divert
from this topic.Listen KRK and Rakhi will do anything for fame and attention,plus the media is crazy about them.Our project will get the much needed publicity and that movie will sell like hot cakes.
A:I see it man.We are on our way to become millionaires now.
B:Yes,we'll kick Ambani's ass.

After half an hour of further discussion..

A:Bore ho raha hai.This porn thing is getting tedious.Lets have a cutting chai and then leave for home.

The day after they meet again.

A:Dude I checked out this amazing chick in N.A
B:Was she a Blonde or a Brunette?
A:Neither.She's a Redhead.

Enters C

C:I've been slyly giving ear to your plans.I'm willing to join as a 'performer'.
A:What makes you think that you can make a potential porn star.
C:Perhaps,I have this hidden talent which I need to find.To show the world that I'm capable of doing other weird stuffs with my nose.
A:Multitask.Ok.You're in.

That C turned out be Himesh Reshamiya.

January 22, 2010

Of NightProwler & The NightStalker

NightProwler a song by AC/DC rides my imagination.Each and every line of this song gives you a mental picture which is NOT graphic or violent at all as the title may suggest.It goes like a story which has a start with an end.The melody of this rock ballad is good,especially the introduction/opening riffs which ofcourse has a dark undertone to it.Bon Scott's screechy vocals suits well for this song.AC/DC stated that NightProwler is a song about a boy who is trying to sneak into his girlfriend's room without letting her parents know about it.Though Richard Ramirez,The NightStalker, thought otherwise.

Richard Ramirez whom the media dubbed as the NightStalker is a serial killer who terrorised Los Angeles in the mid 1980's.He not only took Nightprowler as an inspiration but it also added fuel to fire for his burning desire to kill.Ramirez was apprehended after 7 months of killing spree,convicted and later was sentenced to death through gas chamber in 1989.21 years on the execution is still pending.Shockingly during this period Ramirez received countless letters of affection from women who fantasize him(some of them even go the length of posting their reply letters on Youtube).Even more shocking is the fact that one of them even went on to marry him in jail and has vowed to commit suicide the day Ramirez will be executed.

Richard Ramirez never showed any remorse.This is what he said after receiving the death penalty.

"You don't understand me. You are not expected to. You are not capable of it. I am beyond your experience. I am beyond good and evil.I will be avenged. Lucifer dwells within us all. That's it"

January 7, 2010


I secretly enjoy watching this show.There is a sense of nostalgia attached to it.I remember I was in 5th grade when CID aired for the first time on television.I have vague memories of its first episode, something relating to the cyanide case.12 years on this show is still going strong.I'm one of those unassuming,reluctant,loyal fan of this comedy show which pretends to be dramatic.

CID comprises the usual bunch of kind hearted cops with mean exteriors.Pradyuman is the no-nonsense,in your face ACP(the pic shows it).Then there are two senior inspectors,burly Daya and his buddy Abhijeet.Jr.Inspector Fredricks gives a comical twist to the show.Dr.Salunkhe,the forensic lab scientist,is more of a genius than an expert.It's high time that the entire scientific world SHOULD marvel and take notice of his findings and magical experiments.Even the peaceful souls of those deceased veteran scientists will get disturbed.Salunke is very image conscious,gets real serious when someone makes a joke about his hair transplant.

Most of the scenes are shot in the bylanes of the city,which I find amusing since it reminds of those vintage middle of the road Hindi movies.
Other than that there is a lot of unrealistic 'positives'that I can highlight on.The near ones of the victim directly call CID and not the Police.The cases get over in 2-3 days.Their predictions are always dead right.The way the case unfolds is funny.The dialogues are even more funny.

Some of the recurring gems(dialogues)of this show.Mainly delivered by ACP Pradyuman.
-Daya darwaza thod do.
-Yeh chakkar kya hai(by making gestures with his fingers)
- MY GOD!!
-Question-Aap log kaun?..Answer-Hum CID(and the look on their face is priceless)

And the parting shot by ACP.
-Ab ya toh tume faasi hogi ya jail me bhaitke chakki pisna(says it with utmost disdain)
*standing ovation*
Albeit Daya's slap during the end takes the cake with cherry on top.

I remember during school days there was this sad joke which was making rounds.Full form of CID is chutney,idli,dosa.And I would laugh at such jokes not even grin.Baaaaaaahh,now I'm embarrassed.

January 2, 2010

New Year

Happy New Year as they say.Happy about what??.Happy for another looming terrorist attack.Traffic.Concrete jungle.Competition which leads to jealousy.Invasion of yo-yoness culture.Aishwarya Rai's annoying giggle.Endless advertisements(I miss the Fevicol ones though.)

But I'm real happy and excited about the Fifa Football World Cup.June awaits.

Hopefully I'll do something productive this year,have to.My vision for future is still a blur