November 24, 2009

Taxi Driver

I read somewhere that this movie makes you hate life.It really does,at least for a brief period of time.The character of Taxi Driver aka Travis Bickle is played by Robert DeNiro.DeNiro successfully manages to play this deranged role to the hilt.Altogether Travis's story is dark,hard-hitting and tragic.I believe there is at least a little part of Travis inside everyone of us.

The standout moment of the movie is the obvious legendary 'You talkin to me'scene.But another scene which got my equal attention was the engaging conversation between 'Wizard' and Travis.Travis says he wants to do something meaningful in life.Wizard reciprocates by saying,"Don't worry so much.Go get laid somewhere".Both make valid points,but for I can't decide of whose suggestion holds more value.

Jodie Foster plays a believable 12 and a half year old prostitute whom Travis wants to protect.And then there's Betsy whom Travis finds to be 'pure' and an angel out this scum(junkies,pimps etc.)he assumes.Harvey Keitel as a small role of a pimp.18 years later he would impress the cinema world again with his slick portrayal as Mr.Wolf in Pulp Fiction.

This movie has the power to influence.No wonder this John Jr.(a nobody)who tried to assassinate Ronald Reagan went even more crazy after watching this movie for a 'reasonable' 15 number of times.

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