March 4, 2010

Naughty India

It's kind of a movie moment where in an attractive woman standing or walking all pretty in a more or less crowded area is the centre of attraction for many men around.For instance 10-15 men within a radius of 20-30 metres will ogle or stare inconveniently at her.It gets funny when each out of those 15 men take a turn to have a sly glance at his fellow 14 onlookers and will console self for the fact that he is not the only one checking her out.All this 'analysis' and those subtle eye movements quickly gets over within a span of 10 seconds or less,assumingly.Every man will have their own description for the desired lady.The first one will say she's simply beautiful.The second will call her hot.The third person will probably say she's a slut and the rest might say 'Kya maal/item hai'.Fear of being judged or getting embarrassed are the reason for the no. of onlookers to get restricted to 15 than the potential 25-30.They also refrain from this procedure since they don't want to be a part of the 'uncultured' group.It's a hypocritical and judgemental world we're living in.Victim of our own society.

Those subtle eye movements.It's an art which many master as time progresses.The natures ultimate scanner which are of two types.The straight eye look and the corner of the eye look.I'd prefer the former one,but there are instances when your mind gives you orders,'Mahn she looks amazing,she deserves a second look'.And naturally your roving eyes responds to your mind's sheepish demand.

We Indians build a wall of guilt around us regarding lust.It's all chee and 'dirty' if you happen to lust for someone especially if the desired person is married.I can see couples showering their PDA for each other out of lust or genuine'louve'in movie theatres,beaches,gardens,isolated areas and even in railway stations.It's everywhere.Naughty India is the new India.Does it annoy me?Not at all.Firstly I don't care and secondly I don't belong to any pro-Hindu groups.

Vatsyayana is India's true ancient unsung hero.Foreigners are more interested in his works than us Indians,but India is still naughty in its own pretentious way.


  1. Personally speaking ...there was a time when I would go "chheeeeee!" at the sight of PDA...but times have changed....and how :)

    The last thing I know, I happen to have made out in the backseat of a moving car :|....way to go naughty India!

  2. Haha. Well, this is very insightful. A path into Stupid Staring Shitheads' minds!